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March 21, 2022

Get Free Funeral Insurance quotes online instantly now.

What can Funeral Cover Provide You with? Among its numerous advantages, Funeral Cover can ensure a lump sum payment upon the death of an insured individual.

We will assist in finding a funeral plan to suit your individual needs. Simply follow some easy steps and compare Funeral Cover quotes directly side-by-side.

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Originally PEP started out as a cheap clothing store, but with time it started to grow with selling appliances, airtime and so much more. Today, you can get a funeral cover plan and policy with PEP.

This means people can now get funeral coverage for cheap. Although there are a lot of other companies where you can get a plan for a very affordable price. All you need to do is look for quotes from different companies. And that you can do on this website.

PEP Funeral Cover

PEP has been around for a while and is a well-known brand across Africa. Get an affordable funeral cover with a company you can trust. PEP has a wide range of funeral cover plans to choose from. What is the best PEP funeral cover plan?

We will look at this and more as we continue with this blog post.

pep funeral cover

How does PEP Funeral Cover work?

Only two things in life are certain, death and taxes. Here we are going to explain how to help with the planning of a funeral.

The way Funeral cover works is that you pay a monthly fee that lands in your funeral plan.  So in the event of a death in your family or loved ones, a pre-estimated amount will be paid out to you. This amount is used to help pay for funeral costs and expenses.

You will be able to support and spend time with your loved ones, instead of worry about the financial expenses. This is a crucial factor in any funeral, so everyone can say their final goodbyes to the deceased.

At PEP we put the needs of our customers first. Which is why we now have additional approved partners for our PEP Funeral Cover policies.

We’ve joined forces with AVBOB and Doves, specialist funeral insurance service providers for over 100 years. They go the extra mile for you in difficult times – helping you with the process of all death claim forms – free of charge.

And together with Hollard, who underwrite the policies, and ensure 48-hour claims payouts – we aim to bring you not only the best prices but also the best service when you need it most.

How to buy Funeral Cover with PEP

CHOOSE THE RIGHT FUNERAL COVERThe customer needs to choose the ideal cover that suits their need.


  • The policy holder’s South African ID book.
  • Two contact numbers.
  • Beneficiary name and surname.

PAYPay for starter pack at the till point in any of our stores. This counts as the first premium. 

ACCEPTANCE: Once details are provided and captured correctly at till point you are now registered and covered immediately for accidental death.

NOTIFICATION: You will receive a welcome SMS within 72 hours.

  • An insured person dies from natural causes and has paid premiums for at least 12 consecutive months.
  • An insured person commits suicide and has paid premiums for at least 24 consecutive months.
  • Details of the insured person are correct.

Handy Tips

  • Insured person: The person whose ID number has been provided at the date of purchase in store.
  • Beneficiary or nominated beneficiary: Is the person or persons who have been appointed by the main covered person to receive the payout.
  • Waiting period: Is the amount of time a person must wait from the date of purchase until the insurance becomes effective and he or she can receive benefits. With our policies it’s a 12 month waiting period.

PEP Funeral Cover Prices

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