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August 15, 2022

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What can Funeral Cover Provide You with? Among its numerous advantages, Funeral Cover can ensure a lump sum payment upon the death of an insured individual.

We will assist in finding a funeral plan to suit your individual needs. Simply follow some easy steps and compare Funeral Cover quotes directly side-by-side.

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Metropolitan - Dignified Funeral Cover

Key Information

Premium changes dependent on age

Min cover of 5000 - 80 000

Free benefit - Transportation

You can choose money now or they arrange grocery and other benefits

Waiting Period - 6 months. No waiting period for accidents

Funeral benefits

Payment Protection benefit after owner reaching age 85

Repatriation benefit

Example of pricing:

30 year old male with a partner can get 30 000 Rand in cover for just 198 Rand per month.

The Funeral Plan

The Metropolitan Funeral Plan helps you build your financial wellness by offering a plan to prepare for a dignified funeral.

Building your Financial wellness:

A dignified funeral when you pass away

A good education for your children

Securing your Financial Wellness:

Life Cover - Protect your family while you are working

Financial security if you become disabled or suffer an illness

Daily cash if you are hospitalized

Growing your Financial Wellness:

Save for your retirement

Legacy - Leave a gift of money

Plan for Special Events

Enjoying your Financial Wellness:

Invest your savings money

Invest and keep your pension money safe

Draw an income from your retirement savings

How does Metropolitan funeral cover work?

We all want to show love and respect when a loved one passes away by being able to afford to pay for a dignified funeral. This may cost you some money, so it is important to plan for a funeral. The Metropolitan’s Funeral Plan offers peace of mind for you and your family during your time of need by providing financial assistance to cover your funeral costs.

Who does it cover?

Metropolitan is making a dignified funeral accessible to your whole family in one plan. The plan can cover:

• your immediate family

• your parents

• your extended family

You may cover up to a maximum of 20 lives including yourself as the plan owner.

How do I check my Metropolitan policy?

To confirm whether your policy has been accepted or to check information on your current policy, you can contact your Metropolitan financial adviser, Call the hotline on 0860 724 724 or visit any of the Metropolitan branches.

Waiting Period Information

The waiting period is a period in which insured lives are not covered for some or all events, even though premiums are being paid.

Waiting periods can apply when you:

• First start your plan.

• Change your cover levels.

• Add an insured life to your plan.

• Add a new optional benefit to your plan.

What is the waiting period for Metropolitan funeral cover?

A waiting period is a period of time in which an insured life is not insured for some or all events. Waiting periods apply to each insured life. The waiting period starts from the first day of the month in which we receive your first premium.

Your plan starts from the first of the month in which Metropolitan receives your first premium. For example, Mr Jones buys a plan and pays his first premium on the 15th of April. The start date of the plan will be the 1st of April, which is also the date that the waiting period starts.

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