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July 22, 2022

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What can Funeral Cover Provide You with? Among its numerous advantages, Funeral Cover can ensure a lump sum payment upon the death of an insured individual.

We will assist in finding a funeral plan to suit your individual needs. Simply follow some easy steps and compare Funeral Cover quotes directly side-by-side.

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Old Mutual Protect Family Plan

You don’t want to leave your family with the financial burden of paying for your
funeral when you die. And if a family member dies, you shouldn’t have to worry about
expenses such as paying for travel arrangements, a coffin and headstone, the funeral
service and catering while grieving.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover - How does it work?

Old Mutual Protect Family Funeral Cover pays a single tax-free amount from R5 000 to R100 000 when you, your spouse/partner or a child die – this can help cover funeral expenses.

Key Information

More expensive because of many extra benefits

Up to 3 spouses/partners

Pays the cover amount for accidental death or non-accidental death 

Cashback – pays back a percentage of your premiums every five years

Max Cover - R50 000 - R100 000

Aims to pay your valid claim within 24 hrs

Premium holidays - skip up to six premiums and still have cover - YES

Terminal illness benefit - YES

Grocery/ Education benefit - YES

This plan might not be right for you. Do you want less cover or a cheaper option? Then see Old Mutual Comprehensive Funeral Plan to cover your family or for the cheapest option see Old Mutual Care Funeral Plan. 

If you want to save, need a regular income for your family when you die or want cover for your extended family members such as your brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles then this policy might not be for you.

Available Extra Benefits

Double Accidental Benefit pays double the cover amount when you, your spouse/partner, child or nominated child dies because of an accident. They provide payments for 12 months when you or your spouse/partner dies. Ensures you no longer pay premiums and the cover continues if you become disabled, turn 64 or die.

Unlimited number of dependent biological, legally adopted, step children and grandchildren. Up to 2 nominated children who live with and depend on you.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover

Requirements for Old Mutual Comprehensive Plan:

- You and your spouse/partner must be at least 14, and younger than 79
- Your biological, legally adopted or stepchildren must be unmarried and younger than 21
- You choose the premium and cover that work best for you
- If you stop paying premiums your cover stops
- Premium holiday – you can skip up to 6 premiums and still be covered
- Children younger than 6 are covered for up to R20 000, and children younger than 14 for up to R50 000
We will only pay the cover amount within the term you’ve chosen, until the date your cover ends or you die.

Cover the whole family

Take out cover for yourself, your partner, your dependent children, parents and extended family.

More cover

Get immediate cover for accidental death after your application is accepted.

Keep up with inflation

Equal cover and premium increase are linked to inflation and will be applied once per year.

True customization

You choose and only pay for the cover you want and need.

Pay less

You could save money on your premiums and get access to over R100 000 by answering a few health and lifestyle questions.

Quick payout

Submit a claim with everything required and you will receive your payout within a couple of hours if you have a Old Mutual Account or within 24 hrs if you don't.

Is this funeral cover too expensive for you? Check out all the funeral plans that Old Mutual offer.